Orientation Schedule

Prior to Girls State you will have an opportunity to attend an orientation. The orientations are scheduled by the American Legion Auxiliary District Presidents and conducted by current and former Girls State staff and citizens.

Attending an orientation is an excellent way to ask questions about Girls State, to make sure you have received and returned all the necessary paperwork, to meet other citizens, to gather tips on campaigning, and collect ideas for what to bring to Girls State.

Your parents or other family members are encouraged to attend with you.

If you are not able to attend the orientation scheduled in your area, you may attend any orientation held across the state.

2017 Girls State Orientation Schedule
District Date Time Location
1 April 23 1:00pm Valentine Post #90
2 April 23 2:00pm Neligh Post #172
3 April 23 1:30pm Emerson/Hubbard High School
4 May 7 1:00pm Gering Post #36
5 April 2 2:00pm Hershey High School
6 April 2 1:00pm Centura High School
7 April 23 2:00pm Columbus Post #84
8 April 9 2:00pm Valley Post #58
9 April 23 2:00pm McCook – Evangelical Church
10 April 10 3:00pm Campbell Post #169
11 April 23 2:00pm Wilber Legion Post #101
12 April 9 2:00pm Utica Auditorium
13 April 30 2:00pm Auburn Post #23
Lincoln May 7 2:00pm Lancaster Co. Extension Education Center


If you have questions about the orientations please contact Ashlyn Wilkes at 308-353-6053 or ashlynmg@gmail.com – OR – Nicole Vance at 712-490-0702 or zieg130@yahoo.com.