There is no dance!

Posted on: June 5, 2015

The citizens of Cornhusker Girls State did it. They finally made it to Friday. Through a gas-leak evacuation to doing pull-ups at the Nebraska National Guard, these delegates have seen it all and are more than prepared to graduate tomorrow morning. When they arrived on Sunday afternoon, the delegates had little to no idea what an impact this week would have on them. Tomorrow they will walk across the stage and grab the diploma beaming with the pride and confidence Girls State gave them.

Friday morning kicked off with session at the Nebraska Union where the 11 Girls Nation Candidates were announced and sent off to be interviewed. The remaining girls stayed to run through the Girls State songs and watch the mock trial performed by the District Court with the help of Attorney Jennifer Tomka from Boucher Law Firm.

After lunch the citizens headed back to the union for a fun-filled afternoon session. Kelsey Thomas, Abby Nguyen, Kamryn Sannicks and Allissa Flynn were announced as the top four candidates for Girls Nation. Tomorrow at graduation they will find out which two will be alternates and which two will be representing Nebraska in Washington D.C. at the end of July. Session continued with all state offices and city mayors reporting on their week and what offices they visited yesterday after touring the state capitol.

The excitement went up another notch when the senior counselors from each floor performed a skit for the Girls State citizens. The counselors highlighted moments from the week in a comedic manner and even made fun of particular citizen behaviors. The skit ended with a large dance party in the Union Ballroom, allowing the girls to let loose and celebrate their achievements.

Although the citizens are looking forward to graduation, they were a bit torn up by the fact that their last joint session with Cornhusker Boys State was this evening. The citizens came together to watch the energetic JoAnn Owen Nausler speak on the meaning of success and to share their slideshow presentations of photos and videos from the week. At the conclusion of the Boys State slideshow, it was announced that the citizens of Boys and Girls State would be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of CBS by having a dance in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Colosseum. The citizens cheered so loud it was a miracle the glass windows were not shattered at Kimball Hall. However, the video came back with a large, “just kidding.” There was no dance. Instead the citizens of Boys and Girls State ended their evening with a mingling session outside of Kimball Hall.

Tomorrow morning the citizens will say goodbye to their counselors, roommates and friends. However, they will never say goodbye to the memories they made during the week. Congratulations Cornhusker Girls State Class of 2015!