Forms & Information

You can download the 2021 Delegate Application and Pledge form below.

Delegates must complete and return the following form to American Legion Auxiliary “Cornhusker” Girls State, PO Box 5227, Lincoln, NE 68505-0227.

  • 2021 Appointive Office – Military Family Information – T-Shirt Size Form
    • SECTION 1. Office Appointment. Please enter first AND last name at top. Read the information on the form and follow instructions for completing.
    • SECTION 2: Military family information. Please enter first AND last name at top. Designate whether or not you have an immediate family member CURRENTLY serving in the military. Immediate family member is defined as grandparent, parent, brother, sister.
    • SECTION 3: T-shirt size. Provide your t-shirt size for your complimentary shirt.

Please verify the information on the mailing label on your packet envelope. Is your name and address correct? If there is an error, please note the information that needs to be corrected on the form.